You ever heard of publish/subscribe? Well if you know the basics and how cool it is, And you are using Django as your Backend but need a pub/sub service beside Django, to publish data on a message broker or subscribe to topics or messages received in a message broker, Well I guess this article could help you.

As you know, Django is an synchronous framework, which means that tasks will be executed in a blocking manner.

For example if a request to an url of django is made, the response will be generated after all lines of code in that…

If you have experience with Django, you may noticed that one the features that is not fully functional withing Django applications, is Exporting HTML pages into PDF. I know there are many solutions existing, But if you have charts, tables, CSS and many other stuff in your web page and you want to make a PDF report of it, it may not work well. In some scenarios you may need to write custom CSS codes for print version and somehow have a separate version of webpage just for PDF!

convert any HTML page to PDF in Django projects

In this article I will introduce django-selenium-pdfmaker which is a complete…

In this article will describe how to develop your own python packages, create a development environment for it, setup dependencies and finally when ready upload to pypi; so it can be installed with pip install ....

If you have experience with python, then you know pip well. And you may developed some packages for your own projects. So If you love open-source and you have used open-sources before, then the burden is on YOU! If it is a package that worth using & may solve someone else requirements, Then you should publish it for other users in github. …

If you have a good experience with django rest framework & you used django-restframework-jwt for JWT Authorization of your Rest APIs before; You may faced this concern how we can delete a token if needed. For example build a session management system like telegram which you can delete any session any time you want on demand. If you use pure jwt, you can’t use it. because even you delete the token, it is still valid until it’s expiration date arrive.

In this article I will describe on my packages which is A Django Rest Token Authentication system like telegram which…

recently I had to use a custom map for Highcharts module in angular v8 project. And faced some difficulties. So I decided to write a document for it here so if anybody faced it too, use this article.

To create a custom map and use in Angular projects, You should follow these steps:

1- You should have generated SVG output of your map provided with inkspace application. if you don’t have it yet. Please follow instructions in this link and create a SVG version of your map with it.

2- Convert map svg to highcharts format to use in js…

If you are familiar with Django Rest Framework, this question may come to your mind that how it’s possible to add Captcha for your APIs used in client-side.

Well there are solutions like django rest recaptcha, But if you are looking for a simple captcha system to use in your Rest APIs, I guess this article could be useful for you. Also we will use this APIs protected with Captcha in client-side which is written in Angular2+.

Setup Django backend

Note: We will not get deep in how to develop a Rest API with django-restframework and how to create a base project in…

Recently I searched on different approaches available to authenticate web-socket communication of django-channels. In this article, I’m going to talk about different solutions available to do this. Maybe somebody has a challenge like this in his projects and find this article useful.

If you are familiar with django-channels, you know that:

Channels is a project that takes Django and extends its abilities beyond HTTP; to handle WebSockets, chat protocols, IoT protocols, and more. It’s built on a Python specification called ASGI.

I’m not gonna get into details of how to add django-channels besides your django project. …

One of the greatest programming languages that I recently got in love with, is Golang which is an awesome compiled-language that give developer so much power to make cross-platform binaries ready to use.

Recently I needed to create a web-View app for one of my company web projects. So while I was doing it, I tried to make a use of this experience and share it with anybody that is interested with this topic.

First make sure you have GO installed in your system. I use Arch Linux Distro, But any Distro you’re using is fine. Just visit GO website…

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CTO & Co-Founder @ CPOL; A CTF enthusiastic & believer in rough consensus and running codes. A person who loves to learn about whatever makes him excited;)

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